love what you do

Use your passion in IT to make a difference. Every day is exciting with new challenges and opportunities to grow.

learn & grow everyday

Time dedicated to learning, access to the latest technologies, and a place in a fast growing company means your opportunities to grow are endless.

We’re invested in your future

You want to grow, and we want to help. We believe that technical knowledge is only a small part of what makes our people successful. Experience both with our unique environment and with our clients is invaluable. Because of this, we’re passionate about training and promoting from within.

We don’t just talk about it though. By providing a Talent Development coordinator, dedicating a part of your work-week to learning, and by paying for certification exams… We put our money where our mouth is.

First 90 days

  • Training on our tools and processes
  • Baseline training to ensure everyone has a common foundation


  • Ongoing standardization/baseline training
  • Customized personal development plans geared to help you grow in areas you are interested in
  • Encouragement to achieve certifications
  • Preparation and mentorship into future roles

love where you work

You spend a lot of time at the office, we want you to love going to work.
Thrive in a workplace designed for you and enjoy success on the job. Have access to the best tools and resources, maintain a sustainable work-life balance and most importantly be a part of an amazing team.

career opportunities

Have an exciting and fulfilling career at Sector One. We’re passionate about making a better IT experience, so that the organizations we work with can focus on what really matters to them, starting with our people.