Total Care is a simple, affordable, all-inclusive IT service that gives your staff exceptional support while making your company’s IT, reliable, predictable and secure.

why Sector One Total Care?

Simple All-in-one Package

Your complete IT department in a box. We include all of the IT services you need in one simple package.

For 5+ Computers

Total Care works best for businesses and not-for-profit organizations with 5+ computers. We have custom professional services for less than 5 computers.

Easy to Budget

We include everything for a predictable flat rate each month that can scale as your needs change.

Multi-Location Support

With today’s technology and our remote consultants, your staff will always have support, regardless of their location.

No Long-term Contract

Don’t get locked in. Our simple month-to-month contract gives you the flexibility to cancel at any time!

A Team of Experts

With Sector One, you gain access to a team of experts, skilled in the latest technology.

day-to-day IT. 24x7.

Free yourself from IT so you can focus on what matters. Our comprehensive service includes everything you’d expect, like unlimited helpdesk and onsite support, to the things you wouldn’t, like projects and free training for your staff.

Unlimited IT Support

Free yourself of managing IT. With no meter running, your staff can call, email or submit a request online no matter how big or small the issue is.

Remote and Onsite Support

The right support for any situation. We’re ready to help whether your issue requires someone on the phone immediately or a technician at your office.

Live Helpdesk

Immediate support for those times where you just can’t wait. Our live helpdesk is ready to help whenever you need assistance.

Online Training and Tips

Provide your staff with the ability to work smarter, and more effectively with technology. Gain access to our self-service training platform with online courses for the latest software programs.

Support for all Devices

Use whatever devices work best for your organization. We give you the flexibility to use the technology best suited for your needs.

Projects Included

Experience improved performance, enhanced stability and make your budget go further. With small projects included you no longer have to choose.

proactive IT

Be confident your systems are running properly and securely. We go beyond standard automated maintenance; our dedicated analysts look for ways to improve stability and reduce risks.

Automated Patching

Improve the security and stability of your systems. We automate the process of installing the latest system updates.

Security Analysis

Stay one step ahead of ever evolving threats. Our experts use our continuously updated security audit to identify and interpret your security risks.

Critical Systems Monitoring

Preventing problems before they happen. Our advanced tools monitor your critical systems and notify our team if there’s a problem.

Trend Analysis

Put an end to recurring problems. We stop recurring problems by identifying trends and eliminating the root cause.

Customized Procedures

Improve the speed and accuracy of IT support. By using customized procedures and checklists, we make sure IT is done right the first time.

Best Practices

Gain access to a wealth of best practices learned from supporting a wide range of industries and technologies.

IT leadership

Evolve your IT and achieve greater productivity, better reliability and improved security. Your dedicated account team understands your business, helps you find the right solution and prevents overspending on IT.

IT Consulting

Invest in the right solutions. Our experts help you find and evaluate the best suited vendors and solutions.

IT Budget Forecasting

Manage your cash flow by knowing your long range IT costs. We forecast your IT budget based on a 5 year projection.

Customized IT Plan

Learn how IT can support your goals. We provide you with an IT plan tailored for your organization’s unique needs.

IT Cost Analysis

Avoid overspending on IT. We analyze your monthly IT expenditures to identify cost saving opportunities.

Disaster Continuity Plan

Keep your critical systems running in the face of hardware failure, malware or even a natural disaster.


Eliminate time spent maintaining and staying up to date on compliance.We handle the complex and time consuming process of managing software licensing to data security and regulatory audits.

transparency & control

A lot of IT support companies will tell you what they can do, but can they show you? Feel comfortable knowing your IT is under control. Have access to important information about your IT whenever you need it.

Sector One Portal

The Sector One IT Portal is your window into your IT. Access the portal to submit requests, view progress, review documentation and more.

Self-service Reporting

Retrieve and access IT reports whenever you need it. See a summary of all of your IT asset, read support updates and other reports any time using our portal.

Real-time Metrics

With real time metrics and monitoring systems we will not only tell you, but have proof to show you how your IT and Support is doing.


We create detailed documentation of your IT. You can access much of this documentation online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Staff Satisfaction

Don’t wonder how your staff feel about their IT experience… know. We measure our success. Login to view your staffs satisfaction level anytime.

Asset Management

Need to know how many computers you have, or how old Sandy’s PC is? Just log in to view detailed information about your IT assets.

Get started with Sector One, we can help.

Switching IT companies or bringing in one for the first time is not an easy task, our friendly team of experts will help keep it simple for you by taking care of the transition from beginning to end.